Family Engagement

Building the Jewish Future

Fun Jewish Experiences for Kids + Connections for Parents

Through jkidphilly, Jewish Learning Venture engages families with young children. Across Greater Philadelphia, young children experience Jewish learning, celebrations, and relationships. Through PJ Library subscriptions, low-barrier programs, and Do-it-Yourself resources, families take active steps along their Jewish journeys.

children received monthly PJ Library and PJ Our Way books, cds, and family activities

families participated in jkidphilly programs

Now in its 3rd year, Jewish Learning Venture’s jkidphilly Parent Ambassadors initiative empowers parents to lead programs and build relationships with families in their neighborhoods.

And in May 2019, we launched the jkidphilly Parent Ambassador Alliance bringing together visionary leaders to sustain the work Parent Ambassador initiative.

6 Parent Ambassadors in Philly Neighborhoods

Center City, Delaware County, Doylestown, Lower Bucks County, Lower Merion, and Plymouth Meeting

2 Parent Ambassadors

Engaging the Russian-Speaking Jewish Community

families participated in Parent Ambassador programs

Berger Network synagogues actively reach out and engage families with young children using successful Jewish Learning Venture strategies.

14 member synagogues

in the Berger Synagogue Network for Young Families

PJ Our Way teaser video from a local member of the National Design Team
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