About JLV

Innovative Programs. Connected Jewish Lives.

10,000 People. 150 Programs. 1 Jewish Community.


We envision individuals and families engaged in dynamic, connected, Jewish life in Greater Philadelphia and beyond.


Jewish Learning Venture inspires and empowers people to make Jewish life, learning and community relevant and meaningful.

A New Wildly Important Goal

By 2022, Jewish Learning Venture will have empowered families raising children ages birth through high school to make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves and to see it as a path to living a thriving life. JLV will achieve this goal by developing and delivering innovative initiatives for families and for institutions that support families raising Jewish children.

This new “Wildly Important Goal” is currently in development. We are rolling it out now and working to align our strategic efforts around it. Moreover, JLV shares in the national move toward a paradigm shift for Jewish education to adopt thriving as the ultimate outcome of Jewish experiences.



Michael Paul

Richard Busis
VP, Strategic Planning

Amy Falk Russell
VP, Program

Walter Ferst
VP, Development

Martin Cohen

Marcy Bacine

Jonathan M. Broder**


Judge Harold Berger
Martin Cohen
Carol Einhorn*
Rachel Saifer Goldman
Kareen Hartwig
Jeff Hurok
Andy Kind-Rubin
Bill Kramer
Michele Levin
Jonathon Levine
Nathan Relles
Hershel Richman*
Steve Schwartz
Dan Segal*
David Smith*
Rabbi Margot Stein
Jon Stevens


Steve Chopnick
Lowell Dubrow*
Michael Dvorak
Vicki Erlbaum
Joel Goldhammer
Lewis Grafman*
Randi Grauman*
Samuel Karsch*
Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz
Marilyn Kutler
Jonathan Levin*
Shelley Menkowitz
Rabbi Andrea Merow
Glenn Paskow
Adena Potok*
Miriam Spector*
Eric Weitz
Sherrie Willner

* Past President
** Immediate Past President


Executive Team
Rabbi Philip Warmflash, Chief Executive Officer
Anna Marx, Chief Strategy Officer
Lori Rubin, Chief Program Officer

Program Staff
Robyn Cohen, Director, PJ Library
Virginia Glatzer, Consultant, Educational Leadership
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, Director, Whole Community Inclusion
Alyse Unterberger, Director, Special Programs
Ellen Walters, Director, Early Childhood Education

Robin Fradkin Matthews, Program Administrator
Irina Kraychik, Manager, Finance and Human Resources
Nicki Pollock, Executive Administrator
Lee Rosenfeld, Development Consultant